AWS gives you scale,
we make it simple.

How it works


You draw the desired architecture. We interpret much of the configuration from the link context.

Each component in the library is released under an Apache-2.0 license. As is the final template.

CONFIGURE brings the notion of convention-over-configuration to dev-ops.

With sensible defaults, configuration is mostly reduced to just hooking up your git repos.


You can download the generated script and do as you please, or click the deploy button and manage the project from our UI.

Couldn’t be simpler.

Reproducible AWS deployments
@ the speed of thought


µ our service editor, is the world's simplest way to build manageable, reproducible cloud services, micro or not.
Just Draw & Deploy. Even slicing bread is more effort.


Each service generates a reproducible deployment script. You get strong type-safety, stable versioning, release mechanics and all around peace-of-mind for free.


Least-privilege access model is elevated to a first-class design capability, making your architecture that much more secure. You can customize it, but with sensible defaults, you mostly don't have to worry.


A tufan-component, is either a basic unit of composition or the composition itself. This allows composing complex functionality, while keeping a lid on the management headaches.


All generated scripts are open source. We hate lock-in as much as you. Use our components, build your own or adapt others - the cloud is your playground. (pssst... then is the sky no longer the limit?)


(Coming soon) You can monitor the performance, security and costs of your infrastructure on a single configuration model.

  • Management UI
  • Deployment script
  • 30 Day Free Trial
  • Freedom
  • Peace of mind


Too good to be true you say?

Well, it's 2017. We think manageability and security should be the birth-right of every cloud service.

We're happy to do our part. Go forth and create()